Welcome to Auto Advisors

Founders - Bill Goldberg & Steve Pescatore

The Auto Advisor Program has one mission in mind: helping consumers get a fair and competitive transaction price on a new or used vehicle, while financing directly with their credit union! Since the purchase of a vehicle is one of the largest purchases we make, it's important to make a smart financial decision. We show our credit union members how to do that.

Purchasing a new or used vehicle is one of the most significant purchases you may make. For such an important transaction, you should make sure that you are buying the right vehicle at the absolute best price."


Our No Cost Member Service

  • Discuss your needs and budget
  • Assist you in selecting the right vehicle, with the right features, at the right price
  • Explain all available rebates and incentives
  • Get you the full value for your trade
  • Get you preferred pricing on extended warranties & after-market items
  • Guide you through the financing and paperwork
  • Assist you through the entire transaction

Our Mission

Provide personal service

This is the major advantage Auto Advisors offer over all those Internet and shopping club programs. We consult with you personally and work to get you the best overall transaction. We improve buyer knowledge by explaining all the ins and outs. We can do the shopping, advise on warranty and after-market items, and oversee the financial paperwork.

Save money after the pricing is established

While many consumers relax after the price is set, the selling process is not actually over! In most cases, this is when most of the profit on a car purchase is made. This is where our experts help save you additional time and money.

New idea, enormous value

We understand using an “advisor” to shop for a car is a new idea. But there are plenty of people that can share with you how happy they are that they were referred and made the decision to work with an Auto Advisor. In fact; Auto Advisors have assisted credit union members and their friends, family members and co-workers purchase over 30,000 new and used cars – many of these people 4, 5, 6 or more times in their families!

Company Profile

Currently serving over 180,000 credit union members across New England, Auto Advisors has been successfully serving credit union members since 1990. Today, the Auto Advisor Program remains committed to generating direct loans for its credit union partners. Our mission is to provide a haggle and hassle-free car buying experience for credit union members at a low, competitive price, while insuring that each and every automobile loan remains with the credit union. Not a member of a credit union? No problem! Call us now at (508) 283-3008 so we can get you set up... for FREE.